RedSeal Networks’ Dr. Mike Lloyd Recognized as CTO of the Year

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–March 5, 2014 –RedSeal Networks, the end-to-end provider of network visibility and analytics to prevent cyber attacks, announced today that Info Security Products Guide, the leading information security research and advisory guide, has named Dr. Mike Lloyd as “CTO of the Year” in their 10th Annual Global Excellence award program.

Dr. Lloyd’s vision drives the continuing success of RedSeal Networks, delivering security automation, unprecedented visibility, and efficient control of complex network defenses. Lloyd focuses on finding the ideal balance of people with machines – helping organizations deal with increasingly complex defensive challenges at a time when experienced personnel remain in short supply.

Research shows that the majority of real-world breaches stem from relatively simple, well-known, old issues that “hide in plain sight,” lost in the ocean of the shifting details of modern infrastructure. The main challenge is not some wave of super-sophisticated novel attacks. These events attract attention, but are actually rare. Most real breaches are easily prevented in hindsight – the problem, of course, is to apply foresight. This concept has informed Dr. Lloyd’s work over 3 decades in network management, optimization, control, and security. The key challenge is to divide the work between machines and human beings. Machines with the right software are tireless and efficient, but do not know how to innovate or get creative. They can exhaustively track down interactions and effects that humans miss, and free humans to focus on what they do best, such as setting strategy and policy.

Dr. Lloyd’s writing on topics such as the ideal “Security War Room,” challenges in Big Data for Security Analytics, BYOD, and Risk Management have driven industry-wide discussions about automation, how to secure rapidly evolving infrastructure, and even implications for legal and insurance accountability.

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