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GDPR: Are You Ready?

Security Advisor Middle East | May 2018 

Article on pages 6-8

“The biggest issue that IT and security heads need to focus on is mapping out how their business operates. Under regulations like GDPR, it is not enough to evade breaches (by luck or by skill); rather, GDPR requires you to demonstrate that you take […]

Cyber Crime on Sale

Enterprise Channels MEA| Cyber Sentinels Supplement | May 2018 

Article on pages 40-42

The increase in connected devices and the rapid explosion of cloud-based services have given rise to cybercrime, which has become the greatest threat to every organization in the world.

Playing the Economic Boom While it Lasts

Chief Executive | May 7, 2018 

Here are 12 ways that U.S. CEOs are taking advantage of the Trump Boom—or should be:

Beef Up R&D

Plant today’s seed corn in new innovation efforts for the best return for the long term, advisers and CEOs say, especially in areas of potentially huge technological returns or disruptions.


The Enemy Within

Security Advisor ME| October 2017

While most businesses are focused on preventing and mitigating external threats, there is often a greater danger their security teams need to worry about closer to home — insider threats. Contrary to popular belief, breaches don’t just occur at the hands of disgruntled employees but from non-malicious ones unintentionally as […]

Searching for the Unknown

Security Advisor ME| October 2017

In the Paleolithic age humans subsisted by hunting and gathering. Living in the wilderness they were exposed to a number of predatory beings and hunting increases their chances of survival. They had to learn how animals behaved, and develop tools and tracking methods to eliminate these threats.

Pursuing today’s cyber […]

Negative Unemployment: That Giant Sucking Sound In Security

FORBES | March 21, 2017

By Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal CTO

Businesses everywhere are facing the fact: the security talent pool is dry. I spoke to a manager recently who had hired a security analyst after eight months of searching. Each month he had reduced the requirements and increased the salary. Needless to say, in […]

Trump’s Budget Proposal to Significantly Boost Cybersecurity Funding

SIGNAL | March 16, 2017

The White House’s first federal budget blueprint unveiled Thursday seeks to fund the nation’s cybersecurity efforts by boosting budgets of the U.S. Defense Department and Department of Homeland Security—an initiative officials say will guard against the magnified threat landscape that is only getting worse.

The budget seeks $1.5 billion for the DHS that […]