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Advice for Entrepreneurial Engineers

ASME | Feb 22, 2018

By Ray Rothrock, RedSeal CEO

Entrepreneurs are everywhere today—from Silicon Valley to incubators and tech hubs around the world. While many startups are in tech, others involve engineers who use digital tools and 3-D printing to invent new products or reinvent existing ones. So, what should potential entrepreneurs consider before […]

Cybersecurity is Complicated, but is AI the Answer?

Computer Business Review | Feb 21, 2018

By Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal CTO

The cybersecurity industry today is increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) — or at least, by bold claims of what AI could achieve.

Marketers, analysts and journalists are all queuing up to wax lyrical, while some estimates claim that as many as […]

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Taught at Business Schools

TechRepublic | Feb 5, 2018

The cybersecurity skills gap might be one of the best ways for a company to become more cyber secure. Often we look at technological solutions but training and education of workers, of employees, remains one of the most effective tactics. RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock joins TechRepublic Senior Writer Dan […]

Insurance or Assurance

Enterprise Channels MEA – Cyber Sentinels | Feb 4, 2018 | Page 24

Feat. Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal CTO

We all must have heard about the Love bug virus— a cute little love letter, back in 2000, that landed in the inboxes of millions of people and destroyed data with a self-replicating computer worm. […]

Defense Department’s Secret Weapon for Network Security

Nextgov | Jan 30, 2018

I have something potentially wildly unpopular to suggest: If you work for or run an organization that deals with human beings and the data that goes with them, and if you are concerned about the security of that data, look to the Defense Department for a solution.

The federal government, […]

IoT: Why It Is Vulnerable

Security Advisor Middle East | Jan 16, 2018 | Pages 22-23

Feat. Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal CTO

The Internet of Things – the connecting of billions of everyday and industrial devices using tiny sensors that transmit data and share information in the cloud – is revolutionising the way we live and do business.

Seven Important Steps Law Enforcement And Government Agencies Can Take To Combat Hackers

Forbes | Jan 10, 2018

Feat. Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal CTO

It’s been a tough year for cyberattacks. As if WannaCry and NotPetya weren’t damaging enough, a strain called BadRabbit infected hundreds of computers in October in an “apparent aftershock” of NotPetya. Although the victims of BadRabbit have been concentrated in Europe, the global community is now […]

RedSeal Named GSN HSA Awards Gold Winner for Best Cyber Operational Risk Intelligence

Government Security News | Jan 8, 2018

We are pleased to announce that RedSeal has been named the 2017 Homeland Security Awards Gold winner for Best Cyber Operational Risk Intelligence by Government Security News Magazine. Judging in this category is based on a combination of client organization, technological innovation or improvement, filling a recognized government IT […]

How 3 Innovative Products Approach Network Security

CSO | Jan 2, 2018

A few years ago, almost all enterprise cyber security products were centered within the network security category. Protecting the backend servers that ran organizations was everything. Even today, with an increased focus on cloud, virtualization and enterprise-level endpoint security, protecting the core network is still a primary concern for most […]

Top Cyber Security Predictions for 2018

IT World Canada | Jan 2, 2018

A new year always brings predictions. When it comes to cyber security, the over-arching prediction from experts is that threats will only get more complex. That means the security team will have to be even sharper than they were in 2017.

Here’s a roundup of what a number […]