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Cyber attacks threaten security of 2020 election

The Mercury News | September 15, 2019

Following the 2016 elections, investigators found evidence that Russian hackers successfully infiltrated the computerized voting systems of several states. Hackers also stole data from campaigns and weaponized social media polarizing the electorate against and for certain candidates.  All of this undermines the trust we all place in the […]

Intelligent CISO: Security in the data centre

Intelligent CISO | Issue 17 / Page 50

Ensuring the data centre is secure should be a top priority for CISOs as the consequences of a breach could be catastrophic. Industry experts from Vectra and RedSeal outline some of the biggest cyber-risks to data centres and offer their advice on how to ensure this critical […]

Cybersecurity is Failing—Time for a Reset?

Blog InfoSec | August 26, 2019

Ray Rothrock of Redseal suggests that increasingly sophisticated attacks require fast response and victim organizations should not cover them up. He said that prevention requires security guidelines and education. He also advises making Boards of Directors accountable, as with Sarbanes-Oxley, but dilutes his suggestion because he believes that fewer […]

RedSeal Named New Product of the Year in Risk Management Software

Security Today | August 16, 2019

RedSeal was named 2019 New Product of the Year Award in the Risk Management Software category by Security Today. The award program honors the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security.

RedSeal Named Winner in Black Unicorn Awards for 2019

Cyber Defense Awards | August 6, 2019

RedSeal, the leader in network cyber risk modeling for hybrid environments, announced that is has been named a Winner in the Black Unicorn Awards for 2019.

RedSeal competed over a five month period against many of the industry’s leading providers of cybersecurity products and services for this prestigious […]

A dismal industry: The unsustainable burden of cybersecurity

ZDNet | August 2, 2019

Ray Rothrock, chairman of RedSeal, said that total protection is impossible because attacks will be ever more sophisticated. He believes the best response is a fast response: Catch the attack and close it down as quickly as possible. And report it — don’t cover it up.

UK CEOs’ Cyber Ignorance Costing Firms Dear

Infosecurity Magazine | July 17, 2019

A lack of CEO awareness and engagement with cybersecurity could be placing their organizations at unnecessary risk of attack, according to new findings from RedSeal.

The security vendor polled over 500 IT professionals in the UK to better understand the cyber-risks posed by business leaders.

Over half (54%) said they […]

Cybersecurity: Is your boss leaving your organisation vulnerable to hackers?

ZDNet | July 15, 2019

CEOs and other senior board-level executives are exposing their organisations to cyberattacks and hackers because of a lack of awareness around cybersecurity, a new study has warned.

Research by cybersecurity company RedSeal surveyed hundreds of senior IT and security professionals and found that many of these personnel believe there’s a […]

RedSeal expert on the IoT headache and how to bolster defences

Intelligent CISO | June 14, 2019

As the world around us becomes increasingly connected, the attack surface is only set to grow. Dr Mike Lloyd, RedSeal, tells us why IoT is the latest headache for CISOs and offers some advice on how to secure it.

There’s a saying in the security world: ’if it’s on […]

Debunk 10 common public cloud myths

Search Cloud Computing | June 21, 2019

2. Cloud is always cheaper 
On the other end of the cost spectrum, there’s another misconception that cloud is always less expensive than on-premises deployments.

Some assume the cloud is always cheaper because of the lack of data center hardware and maintenance. This is similar to saying […]