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How Do We Win the Cyberwar?


We’re losing the war against hackers, and it’s costing business billions. Alumni cybersecurity experts tell us how we can turn the tide

Your credit card has already been stolen. You just don’t know it yet.

Thomas knows it, though. (A 12-year IT security veteran, Thomas requested anonymity to protect […]

President Obama’s $19 Billion Cyber-Defense Budget and Plan is a Bold and Necessary Step

“The federal government is finally taking bold steps to fulfill what the Constitution says in its preamble – ‘to provide for the common defense,’ in this case, the common cyber defense.

The actions and budget announced today are an important recognition and investment in the defense of the critical information infrastructure of the United States, […]

The Next Manhattan Project

Just participated in The White House Summit on Cybersecurity at Stanford.  The President and all the participants focused on the fact that cyber is the threat of the 21st century, that government alone can’t protect us, and that no company has the resources to completely protect themselves.  Recent history confirms this.  Thus to collaborate, to […]

Changing how we think about cybersecurity

Almost since the birth of computer networking, engineers who build and manage computer systems have needed to figure out how to protect them from both intentional attack and unintentional damage. The deeply technical realities of securing computers and networks created a need for security specialists. Recently, the costs and other implications of attacks have created […]

Cyber Infrastructure – the Fifth Domain

Cyber Infrastructure – the Fifth Domain
The last couple of years has seen an incredible rise in reported incidents of cyber attacks.  Research by many organizations, including Check Point Software and Verizon DBIR, indicate that it’s not a reporting bias, cyber attacks are indeed on the rise.  The good news for us all, as […]

Staying on Top of Security

Wall Street values companies based on their performance over time.  That performance is measured in revenue growth and profit, but it is also measured by the reliability with which results can be predicted. Predictable results makes everyone happy.  Wall Street doesn’t like surprises, and neither does a CEO.  At some level, I suppose, the CEO’s […]

We’re Living in Mud Huts

In the modern world, we depend on so many standards to protect us in our everyday lives – without even realizing it. For example, when we walk into a building we expect it will not fall down, even in an earthquake.  But before we walk in, we don’t demand to see the drawings, the engineering, […]

What Keeps CEOs Up at Night?

Post 3 – What keeps CEOs up at night?

As a CEO, getting a good night’s sleep is harder and harder these days.  We used to worry about competition, labor problems, regulatory issues, financing issues, sales and, if our company was public, our stock price.  In the 21st century there is a new worry – […]

Breaches Reach the Board Room

The discussion of cyber security is finding its way into the board room.  Everyone has read about a breach like the ones at Target, or Neiman Marcus, or Sony.  They also probably now have the word “Heartbleed” in their lexicon whereas six months ago most people would have thought this was a medical condition.  Directors […]

A Question of When, not If

Breached!  This is the new watchword in the executive office suite these days.  Ever since Brian Krebs revealed to the world that Target had been breached, every company is on notice.   While the primary role of the CEO is revenue and growth, there are a host of other activities that support revenue and growth. […]