With RedSeal you would.

RedSeal provides resilience – the ability to respond, recover and adjust within minutes, or even seconds.

RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform is the foundation for building digital resilience. We can help you understand your network from the inside-out – so you can see all possible access paths, gain network context and situational awareness and prioritize risks based on your highest value, reachable assets.

We invite you to visit RedSeal in Las Vegas at Black Hat 2017 on July 26 & 27 and let us help you:

  • Improve Your Security Posture by measuring security effectiveness with our Digital Resilience Score, validating access policies, and focusing your efforts on protecting your highest-value, reachable assets.
  • Accelerate Incident Response by bringing unique network context into SIEMs, instantly identifying access paths to potential targets, and getting immediate, detailed containment options.
  • Improve Productivity of network and security teams with a deep understanding of all access paths across your hybrid networks, adding network situational awareness to your existing security functions, and modeling change requests to understand potential issues before you go live.

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