Integrate your technology ecosystem

RedSeal enhances your existing security investments by adding network topology and connectivity knowledge across all your network environments. You get a comprehensive network-wide view of your security posture.

View our Technology Integration Guide for details on supported devices and software.

Security Integration: Private and Public Cloud Networks

To understand your full network, you need to include private and public cloud assets, along with your physical assets. RedSeal’s security integration includes all parts of your hybrid data center in one dynamic visualization. Specifically, we work with:

Security Integration: Network Devices

As our customers expand and acquire organizations, their networks grow to include devices from multiple manufacturers. Likewise, those products mature and change. RedSeal works with all major network equipment providers so we can include all your network devices and provide you with a full model of your network. Those manufacturers include:

Partner Brief: Palo Alto Networks and RedSeal

Large, complex networks require the implementation and management of thousands of access rules. This complexity means it can be difficult to determine the devices and rules responsible for unwanted access. Unwanted, open access paths that contain vulnerabilities can leave organizations open to attack and allow intruders to gain access to critical data systems.

To increase operational efficiency and reduce risk, Palo Alto Networks and RedSeal have partnered to ensure uniform visibility, consistent defense and ongoing management for organizations’ entire firewall and network device infrastructures.

Security Integration: Configuration Management

RedSeal combines the data in your configuration managers with other network information to give you a complete and accurate understanding of your network. This process frequently discovers unknown and unmanaged assets. Once these assets, along with their configurations, are added to your RedSeal network model, you can update, maintain, and validate the integrity of your actual network. RedSeal integrates with configuration managers from the following companies:

Security Integration: Network Vulnerability Management

RedSeal’s knowledge of device configurations and access paths helps filter and refine the large numbers of vulnerabilities identified by scanners. RedSeal can then prioritize vulnerability data based not only on the vulnerability’s severity and the asset’s value, but also on how accessible that asset is. RedSeal works with the following vulnerability management solutions:

Together RedSeal and Rapid7 to identify gap in vulnerability scan coverage with vulnerability security management software.
RedSeal’s integration with Tenable identifies vulnerability prioritization based on the network model and highlight any vulnerability scanner coverage gaps in your network.

To learn more, read RedSeal’s whitepaper, Adding Network Intelligence to Vulnerability Management.

Security Integration: Change Management

RedSeal enables you to automatically create tickets in your existing system with the details necessary for remediation. These details might include the device identifier, the specific issue and recommended correction. RedSeal works with the following change management systems:

Security Integration: Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

RedSeal provides GRC solutions with additional risk metrics and device and asset information. RedSeal works with solutions from the following companies:

SIEM Integration: Security Information and Event Managers (SIEMs)

Although Security Information and Event Managers (SIEMs) reduce a large volume of data, they still generate more indicators of compromise (IoCs) than your team can quickly investigate. RedSeal’s SIEM integrations enable you to quickly find IoCs — both physically and logically, see where an attacker can reach from there, and see how the attacker would get there. With RedSeal’s SIEM integration you’ll also get valuable information for containing threats. RedSeal provides SIEM integrations for the following solutions:

Security Integration: Firewall Management and Network Security

RedSeal performs a number of firewall management functions including checking against industry best practices, STIGs, and your own rules. By combining these reporting functions with change management solutions, RedSeal improves the management and health of your firewalls.