What is hybrid multi-cloud security?

Most enterprise networks are hybrid, spanning both public and private cloud environments along with physical network infrastructure. While you may have security tools for each environment you probably can’t see how your whole network is woven together. RedSeal’s multi-cloud security solution is the only product that brings complex hybrid multi-cloud networks into one, unified model. You’ll be able to understand all your network environments in one dynamic visualization, where your high value assets are, and all the ways they are vulnerable to attack.

RedSeal shows you all possible network access — across, within and between public cloud, private cloud and physical network environments — whether it’s intended or not.

How Do You Protect Your Infrastructure When It’s In Different, Separately Managed Environments?

If a workload in the cloud is compromised, can the attacker reach your physical assets?

If a vulnerability in your SDN is compromised, what other assets are at risk?

Are your network segmentation policies in security groups enforcing your intent?

RedSeal gives you one, unified model of all your network environments so you can validate and manage policies within and between those environments, implementing hybrid multi-cloud security.

Reduce cyber complexity. See how RedSeal can model all of your network, including public cloud, private cloud and physical assets. RedSeal’s cloud visualization allows you to see all access within and between environments so you can implement hybrid cloud security management.


RedSeal supports Amazon’s virtual private cloud (Amazon VPC) and AWS Config to create a unified view of your hybrid data center for hybrid data center security.


RedSeal brings your Azure Virtual Network (VNet) into a unified model of your network—capable of being modeled, tested and measured.


RedSeal brings VMware NSX environments into a unified network model, including the full feature set that exists for all RedSeal supported devices. RedSeal network security software easily integrates with VMware NSX, giving you the ability to assess the security of your Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) as well as the rest of your hybrid data center.


RedSeal’s integration with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) brings ACI users the ability to provide critical visibility into access controls for multiple network environments, as well as alert you to violations of industry and customized policies.


RedSeal includes Google Cloud Platform in its support for hybrid, multi-cloud networks. You’ll be able to see what’s on your network and how it’s set up within your Google Cloud Platform, and across it to other cloud or legacy environments.

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