RedSeal accelerates your incident response against network vulnerabilities and security incidents.

Prioritize network vulnerabilities to fix critical issues first.

RedSeal makes your existing network vulnerability scan data much more effective. In addition to the network vulnerability score and asset value commonly used to prioritize, RedSeal looks at the accessibility of each network vulnerability – and which assets can be reached from there. With RedSeal’s network vulnerability management capabilities, you’ll be able to use your scarce resources to fix a very accessible, lower-score vulnerability before a higher-score, but unreachable one.

Accelerate security incident response.

When your network is breached, RedSeal helps you respond efficiently. Once a host is compromised, RedSeal can show you which assets can be reached from there, even by multiple “hops.” Rather than requiring you to take exposed assets off-line, RedSeal pinpoints the device configuration rule changes required to protect an asset. Security incident response that used to take hours, if not days, to determine becomes available immediately.

Put RedSeal to work for you.

The RedSeal security analytics platform is available on a virtual or physical appliance. The physical appliance provides the fastest and most efficient way to get started. Pricing is based on the number of Layer 3 and Layer 2 devices in your network.

Video: RedSeal Accelerates Incident Response

See how RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform can accelerate your incident response time at every stage of the process. (2:52)

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