RedSeal Remote Administrator Managed Service


RedSeal’s Remote Administrator managed service augments your security team with a dedicated, skilled network security engineer who will maintain and administer RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform. You’ll have access to up-to-date network data from RedSeal available whenever you need it— and your data will never leave your premises.

Augmenting your network security team

The security industry continues to be challenged by the lack of trained and qualified security professionals. To help you benefit from what CSO magazine calls, “a force multiplier for every other security device within a network”, RedSeal is taking away the need for you to find one more network security expert. RedSeal’s Remote Administrator service gives you a model of your network that is continually updated so you can have accurate information to validate your security posture, accelerate your investigation, and increase your productivity—all of which will work to increase your network’s digital resilience.

Managed network security service offering

RedSeal’s Remote Administrator managed service makes RedSeal part of your security team. A skilled network security engineer will keep your RedSeal deployment up-to-date and operational. This includes a daily cadence of:

  • Reviewing your network model
  • Ensuring that data collection tasks are operational
  • Maintaining the topology map to ensure that new devices are properly placed
  • Checking to see that scheduled reports are executed and that the platform is performing as expected
  • You just need to ask questions and learn from requested reports

For a list of RedSeal Deliverables, download our data sheet here.