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From Ray Rothrock, RedSeal CEO

Cybersecurity: A National Security Issue

RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock speaks to business leaders about how cybersecurity has become more than just the concern of an individual organization. It is now a national security issue.

Three Things Business Leaders Should Know About Cybersecurity

With cybersecurity becoming increasingly important to all organizations, RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock presents three things that all business leaders should know.

Digital Resilience for Business Leaders

RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock explains the concept of digital “resilience.” He suggests that business leaders need to think about the resilience of their digital infrastructure, rather than investing more in products that are failing to prevent breaches.

Conversations with John Stewart, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cisco

Best, Effective Practices: Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and the huge amount of data involved bring together traditional security and data analytics.

Cyber Readiness: Are Some Industries Better Prepared?

John explains why banks and service providers are better prepared for cyber incidents than other industries.

Cyber Readiness: What Should We Worry About?

Although cyber attacks have the potential to be massively destructive, John believes we should worry about things happening every day. Building resilient infrastructures will help.

Conversations with IT-Harvest’s Richard Stiennon

The Need for Digital Resilience

Ray and Richard discuss the importance of being able to keep your company running through an impairment. To do that, you have to understand how your network is works and what’s connected.

Measuring Digital Resilience

Richard and Ray discuss the need for metrics in cybersecurity and RedSeal’s response – the RedSeal Digital Resilience Score.

Industry Research on Digital Resilience

Ray and Richard discuss the thinking and research behind digital resilience, focusing on McKinsey’s research. The results were published in a book titled Beyond Cybersecurity: Protecting your Digital Business.

What’s New at RedSeal

RedSeal’s Ray Rothrock and IT-Harvest’s Richard Stiennon discuss recent cybersecurity industry changes and how RedSeal is addressing them. HIghlights include RedSeal’s assisted modeling, incident response and detailed path features.

Additional RedSeal Videos

Cybersecurity Preparedness: Measuring Your Preparedness

The best way to get the information you need to measure your preparedness is to assume you’ve been breached and work backward. Metrics should include how security is helping your business.

Attack Prevention

John tells us the best things an organization can do to stop exploits–before they happen.

Cyber Preparedness: Before, During and After an Attack

You need to plan and practice what needs to happen before, during and after a cyber attack.

Attack Prevention: Role of Automation

Given that we don’t have enough security professionals, how can automation help prevent attacks?

Trust and Security: What Does Trust Mean?

While implicit trust used to be good enough, infrastructure and IT systems now need explicit trust. John suggests ways to provide it.

Trust and Compliance

We know that compliance doesn’t equal security. Do people trust compliance?

Security a Board-Level Concern: Why Should Boards Care About Security

John and Ray explain that the level of accountability for security has reached corporate boards.

Board-Level Concerns: Network vs. Security Operations

John and Ray discuss the inherent conflict between the network and security operations functions – and how to resolve it.

How Cybersecurity Preparedness is Like Emergency Preparedness

John and Ray explain that you need to go beyond security planning and practice or drill. A real event is not the time to learn all the things you don’t know.

Current Threats in the Cyber Landscape

John highlights a number of threat types, including the most chilling to him.

Networks as Targets

Get insight into how networks, themselves, are becoming targets of cyberattack.

Why Aren’t Current Security Products Working?

Learn three reasons breaches continue, despite investments in cybersecurity.

Best, Effective Practices in Corporate Cybersecurity

John highlights some key effective practices in corporate cybersecurity today.

Basic, Two-Step Defenses.

Learn the two steps that are needed to make your security campaigns successful.

Best, Effective Security Practices: Layered or compartmentalized security

Get John’s thoughts on how application-centric or software-defined networking has totally changed the security world.

Conversation with Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal Chief Technology Officer

The Cybersecurity War Room

Dr. Mike Lloyd explains the advantages of centralizing your cybersecurity information into one “war room”.

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