Cyber Situational Awareness: Measuring Cyber Risk and Validating Compliance Through Network Modeling

Complex networks present serious challenges to network and security teams. Access policies, corporate and regulatory compliance mandates and change management require real-time visibility. Modeling your current, as-built network can provide the cyber situational awareness you need to validate access controls, audit compliance and identify misconfigurations so you can adjust daily, not just annually.

Join RedSeal Senior Product Manager Emil Kiner for our informative webinar, “Situational Awareness: Measuring Risk and Validating Compliance Through Network Modeling.

Learn how cyber situational awareness and cyber risk modeling can help you:

  • Model risks before making access changes and M&A decisions
  • Verify compliance for mandates such as PCI, NERC-CIP and others
  • Gain visibility into access policy violations
  • And more…

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