AXA XL and RedSeal are offering a new, dynamic approach to cyber insurance, which uses RedSeal’s objective Digital Resilience Score to provide valuable information to both underwriters and clients. Underwriters get a clearer understanding of a network’s risk over time – and clients get information to continually improve their cybersecurity and potentially improve their insurance terms.

Unlike other cyber insurance risk analyses, which rely on surveys, the external threat environment, and a limited understanding of a network at the time of the initial underwriting, this approach is more accurate, dynamic and helpful.

RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform creates a network model from the inside out, including physical assets, as well as those in public and private cloud environments. With this insight, RedSeal calculates the Digital Resilience Score, a holistic measure of the network’s resilience, similar to a credit worthiness score. The Score evaluates the client’s network to determine:

  • How weaknesses from incorrectly configured devices and third-party software could impact the network
  • How accessible a company’s valuable assets are to attackers
  • The degree to which the network – including all its devices and their connections – is understood.

More resilient networks deliver higher scores, which means they are lower risk. Once an AXA XL client installs RedSeal and gets their initial Digital Resilience Score, and again during a mid-term evaluation, AXA XL will determine if the client’s resilience warrants improved terms.

This creates a cycle of continuous improvement. Underwriters have more in-depth information to evaluate risk, and clients can use the same information to improve their resilience and lower their risk – which may result in improved insurance terms.


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AXA XL and RedSeal have a joint, dynamic risk management offering. AXA XL clients that install RedSeal’s network modeling and cyber risk scoring platform get information to help improve their network’s resilience and may qualify for improved insurance terms.

AXA XL and RedSeal: A Dynamic Approach to Cyber Insurance 
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