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Centralize Cybersecurity? Secretary Pritzker Doesn’t Think So

Last month, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker appeared in front of the President’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity and the subsequent article in FedScoop caught my attention.

She is very concerned that the President’s Commission could mandate that all US Federal Government information technology be consolidated under one organization’s authority. According to Secretary Pritzker, a […]

Update: Responding to the Shadow Broker Vulnerabilities

Last week, the Shadow Brokers hacker group made national headlines by leaking zero-day firewall vulnerabilities, and offering additional exploits for sale through auction. In response, the RedSeal team produced:

A blog post on how major infrastructure vulnerabilities produce the same questions – and how digital resilience puts organizations in the best position to respond. A […]

RedSeal and ForeScout Federal CTOs Explain how They Jointly Map, Identify and Increase the Resilience of Public Sector Networks

Last month, Wallace Sann, the Public Sector CTO for ForeScout, and I sat down to chat about the current state of cybersecurity in the federal government. With ForeScout, government security teams can see devices as they join the network, control them, and orchestrate system-wide responses.

Many of our customers deploy both RedSeal and ForeScout side […]

Getting Federal Agencies Cyber Ready for CSIP

This blog post first appeared in Signal on April 6, 2016

Federal agencies clamor for industry best practices to implement findings resulting from last year’s 30-day “Cybersecurity Sprint,” part of the administration’s broader effort to bolster federal cybersecurity. A new mandatory directive for all civilian government agencies, the Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan (CSIP), provides a […]

You Think Your Network Diagram’s Right?

Federal agencies are clamoring for information about best practices about to implement the findings of last year’s cybersecurity “sprint.” This new directive, the Cybersecurity Implementation Plan, is mandatory for all federal civilian government agencies. It addresses five issues intended to shore up agency cybersecurity and ensure network resiliency.

So when agencies are done with their […]

BLUE vs RED – Leveling the playing field

Blue vs Red. No, not the Rooster Teeth series for the Halo fans out there. For those that do not know how the reference pertains to cyber security: Blue teams can be looked at as the good guys (cyber defenders) and Red teams are the bad guys (attackers). Not to say the Red teams are […]

Reluctant Recipient to Willing Participant: Operationalizing RedSeal

by Wayne Lloyd, Federal CTO RedSeal

Not too long ago I had a customer, “Joe”, explain to me how he overcame organizational challenges and got his network team to operationalize the findings from RedSeal.

Joe started by taking advantage of RedSeal features that can be leveraged immediately upon deployment, such as the Best Practice and STIG checks. He generated […]