Do you measure how effective your network security is?

RedSeal. The foundation for digital resilience.

You invest significant time and money in making sure your business can stay in business when the inevitable incident happens. But how do you know those security investments actually give results that prepare you to respond and rebound without missing a beat? How do you measure your digital resilience?

Without RedSeal, you’re flying blind.

RedSeal software is the best way to measure and manage the digital resilience of your network.

How do you know you are prepared?

Measure and actively manage how prepared you are.

With RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform, you’re able to understand the state of your network, measure digital resilience, verify compliance, and accelerate incident investigation.

RedSeal determines your RedSeal Digital Resilience Score(TM), a network cyber risk score modeled after a creditworthiness score, so you can accurately measure how prepared you are now and actively manage progress toward where you want to be.

RedSeal is the essential network modeling and risk scoring platform that puts decision-making power right in your hands.

Do you know your Digital Resilience Score? Is it better than yesterday?

How to have a powerful platform for actively managing your digital resilience.

Actively manage your digital resilience.

With your Digital Resilience Score in hand, you can make informed decisions to actively manage your digital resilience. The RedSeal network modeling and risk scoring platform helps you prioritize and allocate your scarce human and capital resources where they have the biggest impact to protect your most valuable digital assets.

RedSeal puts power in decision makers’ hands with the essential cybersecurity analytics platform for building digitally resilient organizations.

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