Professional Services

CSO Magazine calls RedSeal a “force multiplier for every other security device within a network,” and we want you to realize that benefit—as quickly as possible. Our professional services offerings are designed to provide business value from your RedSeal platform in short order and then extend its value further by optimizing it for your environment. We can also manage the platform for you on an ongoing basis.

And, if you’re like most of our customers, the shortage of skilled cybersecurity personnel combined with the number of cybersecurity products you own makes it difficult to get good business value from your cybersecurity investments.

RedSeal professional services is the solution.

The goal of any cybersecurity initiative is to reduce and mitigate your cyber risk. The RedSeal risk management process has three steps:

  1. Know what you have on your network. If you don’t know what assets you have and where your vulnerabilities are, you can’t protect it.
  2. Understand which issues and gaps are most relevant. Prioritize your efforts.
  3. Make remediation decisions based on the findings.

This risk management process must be continuous—and it can be time-consuming. But RedSeal’s platform automates your risk assessments, so you can be confident, even with fewer skilled people to run them. RedSeal’s professional services team will set a program up for you—and run and manage it, if you wish.

RedSeal Build Project

The Build Project implements the RedSeal platform in your environment to begin delivering business value. The project establishes a security baseline and includes clear, agreed-upon deliverables including:

  • Network and inventory assessment
  • Network device configuration assessment
  • Vulnerability risk prioritization
  • A network model—built and validated
  • Network segmentation

RedSeal Run Subscriptions

Once your RedSeal platform is implemented and delivering value, there is much more that can be done. Your network will continue to change—and your organization will see other uses for RedSeal. To further refine and expand the business value you get, we offer three levels of subscription-based, ongoing professional services—the Run Subscription at a Visibility, Compliance or Risk Management level. All three levels include a RedSeal security engineer who will work collaboratively with your cybersecurity teams on an ongoing basis to deliver various assessments and make prioritized recommendations to mitigate risks.


  • Network and endpoint inventory assessment
  • Secure configuration assessments
  • Knowledge transfer


  • Network segmentation and compliance monitoring (PCI-DSS, NERC-CIP and internal policies)
  • Security change reviews

 Risk Management 

Managed Services Subscriptions

If your organization needs more support, we provide Managed Services Subscriptions.

With Managed Services, you choose a Run subscription level (Visibility, Compliance or Risk Management). You’ll get our security engineer’s assessments and recommendations, plus RedSeal will optimize, upgrade and maintain your RedSeal platform.

Custom Services

RedSeal also offers professional services to meet your specific needs, such as integrating RedSeal with your business process systems or implementing your organization’s custom best practices.

Health Check Service

If you haven’t used your RedSeal installation in a few months, we offer a Health Check Service to return it to an operationalized state.

RedSeal Assessment Services

Secure Remote Work Assessment

Cloud-Cyber Visibility Assessment

Cyber Visibility Assessment

Health Check Service

Managed Service

RedSeal Service Offerings

Cloud-Cyber Visibility Assessment

Cyber Visibility Assessment

Health Check Service

Managed Service

Secure Remote Work Assessment