Complete visualization across your entire network

Most cloud enterprise networks are hybrid, spanning both public and private cloud environments along with physical network infrastructure. While you may have security tools for each environment, gaining complete network visibility across your entire infrastructure is a challenge. RedSeal Network brings complex hybrid on-premises and multi-cloud networks into one, comprehensive, dynamic visualization. This empowers you to:

  • Quickly identify gaps in your infrastructure
  • Leverage bi-directional integration and vulnerability scanners to quickly identify scan coverage
  • Ensure your critical resources aren’t exposed to the Internet
  • Validate your network inventory is accurate and securely configured
  • Continuously verify compliance mandates according to industry best practices

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on network location and access, not just severity score.

RedSeal discovers, models and monitors your entire infrastructure – whether on-premises, in private clouds or public clouds

RedSeal also has integrations with endpoint protection tools to identify endpoint protection coverage gaps. With RedSeal Network, you can now answer the following questions – What do I really have? Why do I have different information from different sources? Where are the hosts in my network and where are they located? Why do I have subnet without hosts or hosts without subnets?

Network Visualization