State and Local Government

RedSeal helps governments make their networks more resilient.

According to the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, cybersecurity is the number one priority for state and local governments and agencies. It’s a permanent and increasing problem that stems from a lack of digital resilience.

Networks have grown so large and complex they’ve outpaced our human ability to manage every aspect of them. RedSeal gives you what you need for proactive defense and predictive analysis, so you can:

  • Create interactive models of entire ‘as built’ network, including those hosted in the cloud.
  • Calculate all the ways data—and intruders—can move from one point to any other.
  • Discover previously unknown devices for a complete network picture.
  • Prioritize the highest-risk and most exposed vulnerabilities to fix.
  • Continuously monitor potential attack paths.
  • Evaluate your actual network build against their policies.
  • Test and measure network changes before implementing them.

RedSeal is trusted by state and local governments around the globe.

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