Professional Services

For resource-constrained security teams

If yours is like most organizations, you face either a chronic shortage of skilled cybersecurity personnel or are challenged by managing dozens of security products, or both. This makes it difficult to effectively use the products you have, which can impact your security posture. RedSeal’s tiered set of professional services can help you with everything from speeding the implementation of our platform, to transforming your approach to risk management through managed services.

Customer Support

Resolve issues quickly with expert customer support.
RedSeal customer support engineers are dedicated to helping customers resolve issues as they work to analyze and improve their network’s resilience. They are experienced professionals with extensive security and networking expertise earned by working hands-on with the world’s largest and most complex networks.

Training with RedSeal University

By building competence on RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform, you can become more empowered and confident in making your network more resilient in the face of cyberattacks and vulnerabilities. RedSeal University training will help you maximize your investment in network resilience.

Our programs are available to anyone interested in learning more about RedSeal. By offering a blend of free web-based training, learning channels, and pay-per-seat live classroom experiences, we provide an opportunity for you to gain an understanding and further your knowledge of RedSeal’s platform. Whether you’re an end user or a RedSeal administrator, RedSeal University is an essential resource for advancing the knowledge, skills and abilities you’ll need to improve your network’s resilience.

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