Reduce attack surface and improve network performance

While segmenting networks using devices such as routers, switches and firewalls isn’t a new concept for organizations to reduce their overall attack surface, validating proper segmentation and introducing automation to validate segmentation is not easy. With the introduction of private and public clouds, validation becomes even more complicated. 

RedSeal uses proper segmentation and automation to stop breaches. RedSeal defines custom policies allowing organizations to validate which sensitive network segments are not accessible. Breaking larger networks down into smaller subnets decreases the scale of required defenses and reduces complexity, allowing security teams to differentiate low-risk from high-risk subnets.

Security teams can save time and reduce costs with automated and continuous network segmentation validation to meet industry segmentation mandates including PCI-DSS and NERC-CIP. Vendor segmentation best practices can be automated such a Cisco SAFE. In addition, corporate segmentation policies around Guest/Corporate Wi-Fi, IT/IoT-OT and Cloud are some examples where RedSeal can drive down risk with automated network segmentation validation. This simplifies and helps enforce regulatory compliance adherence across your organization. In summary, RedSeal empowers you with scalable visualization and validation of your segments to quickly identify potential issues, quickly remediate any incidents, and then validate your changes.

Guest/Corp Wi-Fi


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Network Segmentation Validation