Rely on the RedSeal platform to be the single source of truth for your hybrid network environment

RedSeal is a network exposure analytics platform that identifies business assets in a hybrid network that are exposed to risks and delivers the contextual information needed to manage those risks efficiently. It is the missing link in today’s cybersecurity tech stack because it spots network flaws other tools can’t see. From IT to OT to IoT, RedSeal serves as a single source of truth that improves efficiency and collaboration among teams responsible for keeping networks safe and sound.

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Gain complete visibility of your connected network

Visualize every asset in your network—on premises and in the cloud, known and unknown—and understand how it’s all connected. RedSeal builds an accurate, interactive model of your entire hybrid network, ready to answer any questions about devices, resources, configurations, and access. Some call it a digital twin. Our customers call it their source of truth.

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Uncover unintended connections that create risk

RedSeal thinks like an adversary—at the network level—and finds hidden devices, subnets, and connections that NetOps and SecOps teams don’t know about or never intended to create. In a few clicks, RedSeal shows you all the ways threats can both enter and spread laterally throughout your network, revealing misconfigurations that put your assets at risk.


The bigger the risk radius, the higher the priority

RedSeal prioritizes all issues and vulnerabilities according to their risk radius and delivers detailed guidance to accelerate remediation. Risk radius is based on insights from vulnerability scanners and other security tools enhanced with network context—situational awareness that only RedSeal can deliver—to ​reflect the true impact to the business.


Monitor adherence to policies and best practices

At any time, RedSeal can run checks against best practices, external regulations, and internal or custom policies—from governmental regulations and industry standards to network segmentation, passwords, and patches. You can also run security impact (“what if”) analyses to test and verify changes prior to being implemented.

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