Complete visibility and understanding of your entire network

RedSeal empowers your security teams with unparalleled network visibility and relevant context to help you protect your infrastructure, accelerate risk remediation, and maintain compliance with minimal effort. Using attack path management technology, RedSeal helps you understand and decipher your organization’s network infrastructure to inform priority actions.

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Physical Network


RedSeal ingests configuration information from your on-premises network devices and also accesses your public cloud and private cloud via standard APIs and builds a connectivity model for complete visualization to inform action.


RedSeal delivers deep situational awareness of all your on-premises resources, along with the applications and vulnerabilities associated with them, while also extending your understanding of the security posture of public and private cloud resources, applications, and services.


RedSeal currently maintains more than 125 integrations with common networking products, more than any other network visibility solution, including integrations with cloud-native firewalls and popular vulnerability scanners.