Are your cloud resources exposed to the internet?

The goal of any cybersecurity initiative is to reduce and mitigate cyber risk. To do that, you need to understand what’s on your network and how it’s connected—a complex challenge when your network includes multiple cloud and on-premise environments.

RedSeal’s fully managed service offering can help.

Our cloud ready cyber risk management process will enhance and improve your cloud and on-premise security posture.

RedSeal’s cyber risk management methodology identifies and mitigates your security exposure. We have the expertise to work across cloud, network, and security teams to discover what you have, investigate any issues, and work with you to act to remediate security gaps.

This methodology leverages our more than 15 years of cybersecurity experience in three steps:

1. Determining and maintaining an accurate inventory of cloud and on-premise assets

  • Track constantly changing cloud configurations
  • Update “systems of record” such as CMDB and NCCM solutions with cloud assets and their locations
  • Validate that assets meet internal and external cybersecurity standards

2. Prioritizing efforts by understanding which findings are most relevant—based on access to the internet, across and within environments

  • Validate security controls within and across these different network environments
  • Identify which vulnerabilities to patch first

3. Working across multiple teams to remediate security risks.

  • Requires cloud technology, security, and network expertise—along with a consultative approach to build consensus and drive results.

RedSeal offers three service levels to meet your needs:

Cyber Visibility

Understand a network so you can protect critical business activities and assets

  • Cloud and on-premise inventory assessment
  • Secure configuration assessments
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Work with you to close identified security gaps.

Cyber Compliance

Ensure that your network complies with relevant regulatory, industry and internal policies. Includes the Cyber Visibility level plus:

  • Network segmentation and compliance monitoring (PCI DSS, NERC-CIP and internal policies)
  • Security change reviews
  • Work with you to meet compliance guidelines.

Cyber Risk Management

Continuously assess and manage risk. Prioritize and mitigate issues. Includes the Cyber Compliance level plus:

  • Incident investigation
  • Security posture monitoring
  • Vulnerability risk prioritization
  • Cyber threat assessment
  • Work with you to mitigate security exposure

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