Industries that depend on the most sophisticated network security depend on RedSeal.

Our customers are Global 2000 corporations and government agencies, including the Department of Defense, civilian and intelligence communities.


Government agencies trust RedSeal for mission-critical security.

Perhaps more than anyone else, government agencies require the highest level of mission-critical security. Our network security solutions are trusted and operational across the Department of Defense, civilian agencies, the intelligence community and state and local governments across the country.


RedSeal’s deep understanding of each network protects financial institutions.

Not surprisingly, financial institutions—where the money is—are special targets of cyber crime. In addition, finance is an interconnected world, where risk multiplies with the number of business partners you have. Because your networks are complex and quite different from each other, you need the network understanding RedSeal provides.


RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform automates proof of retailers’ segmentation and compliance.

Organizations with significant retail components are frequent targets of cyber crime, because credit cards are an attractive target. To reduce their credit card liability, the financial industry created regulations, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), for retailers requiring, among other things, that you protect segments of your network from the outside. You need to set up network segmentation, including a card holder data zone, and prove it for compliance.

RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform automates significant parts of that proof. We know that all your budgets, including your security budget, are carefully scrutinized. Our automation has helped retail customers be more efficient as they evaluate their networks for exposures, go through an audit, demonstrate PCI DSS compliance, and avoid credit card loss. They’ve been able to re-deploy scarce staff to other tasks.


RedSeal provides network visibility for technology companies.

Some of the most advanced technology companies, including many security companies, use RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform to verify their network segmentation, understand their networks and make them more resilient.

Utilities and Critical Infrastructure

RedSeal helps provide network security for utility companies

RedSeal helps you protect networks that are critical to our daily lives, networks where reliability is paramount. These critical networks are an attractive target for those who want to disrupt society and create fear.

We work with our utilities customers to secure two different types of networks—corporate networks and those that control critical equipment, Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks.

To minimize potential attack surfaces, you need to separate or segment these two types of networks and set up an electronic security perimeter. In North America, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) Reliability Standards codify these requirements and include financial penalties for non-compliance.

While no one vendor can help you with all the requirements, RedSeal provides strong support in the areas of network segmentation, network architecture, testing, device inventory and simulation.


RedSeal has helped healthcare organizations avoid network issues year after year by focusing on cybersecurity fundamentals:

  • Showing you what’s on your network – including in your cloud environments.
  • Showing you how everything is connected. You’ll see all potential access, intended or not.
  • Identifying actual cyber risk to your network from vulnerabilities and incidents.


Insurance companies depend on RedSeal for cybersecurity readiness.

Important personal customer information makes insurance company networks very attractive targets for cyber criminals. RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform helps you protect that information by giving you an unprecedented integrated view into your cybersecurity readiness. It helps you manage your risk by identifying and prioritizing your network’s most critical issues so they can be fixed first.

Service Providers

RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform helps service providers avoid network downtime.

In the service provider industry, your business is your network. Uptime is critical. There is no room for error. Any network misconfiguration can become a serious issue. RedSeal shows you how your network is connected and prioritizes any potential security issues based on the setup of your network.


Manufacturing companies depend on RedSeal for essential network segmentation and security.

As manufacturing has evolved, you’ve become inextricably dependent on your supply chains. Unfortunately, each vendor you work with adds risk to your network. And the risk is high. Your powerful and potentially dangerous legacy equipment isn’t always easy to secure.

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