RedSeal cyber risk modeling platforms meet the cybersecurity and compliance needs of healthcare industry networks, including hospital networks, pharmaceutical and medical device company networks, and retail pharmaceutical networks. RedSeal has helped healthcare organizations avoid network issues year after year by focusing on these cybersecurity fundamentals:

  • Showing you what’s on your healthcare industry network – including in your cloud environments
  • Showing you how everything is connected. You’ll see all potential access, intended or not
  • Identifying actual cyber risk to your healthcare network from vulnerabilities and incidents

With RedSeal, healthcare cybersecurity teams have:

  • Verified their network segmentation and passed PCI audits
  • Been confident that their unpatchable medical devices are protected behind firewalls
  • Verified their network policy and regulation compliance
  • Visualized their network by site and by service
  • Been notified when network changes are made, cloud instances added, or sites come online
  • Prioritized vulnerabilities based not just on severity and asset value, but on actual risk in their networks
  • Understood what cyber risk was being added to their network from mergers or acquisitions
  • Used RedSeal Professional Services so they can see this value quickly

Three key findings on how RedSeal supports modern healthcare cyber security and compliance objectives

A recent study by independent industry analysts at TAG Cyber concluded that the network modeling inherent in the RedSeal platform is well-suited to meet the needs of the modern healthcare organization for cyber security—specifically, cyber visibility, compliance and risk management.

The primary management conclusions drawn from this independent assessment by TAG Cyber involved three main findings:

  • Network Complexity—RedSeal addresses network complexity by increasing visibility and understanding of the growing number of different medical devices and systems that complicate modern healthcare networks.
  • Security Controls—RedSeal strongly supports the identification, prioritization, and implementation of the optimal, broad cyber security controls to be applied across a healthcare organization’s network.
  • Compliance Risk—RedSeal enables enterprise teams to address their growing liability, risk, and compliance needs through the use of cyber mappings, summary reports, and data visualization.

To learn more, please download the study here.

HEALTHCARE: Increased Compliance and Reduced Risk

When this regional hospital with a small security staff needed to pass its PCI audit quickly, it turned to RedSeal. Not only did RedSeal Professional Services help them pass the PCI audit — saving them  additional credit card fees — but it also helped them ensure that their unpatchable medical devices remained protected and behind firewalls.

HEALTHCARE: Visibility into a Complex Network

The cybersecurity team at a large research hospital didn’t have enough information about their network to do their jobs. So, they asked RedSeal to show them what’s on their network, how it’s connected and the associated risk.

HEALTHCARE: Understanding Network Inventory and Access

When the cybersecurity team for this large Southern US healthcare system needed to understand how their network was segmented so they could pass a PCI audit, they asked RedSeal for help. They passed their audit and improved their patching prioritization, thanks to RedSeal’s understanding of all the access in their network.

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