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Network Model: Visualize your network and security infrastructure with our network model and network security audit tool.

RedSeal’s cybersecurity analytics platform allows you to maximize your network’s digital resilience by providing a comprehensive view of your network and security infrastructure. RedSeal builds a network model that provides an accurate map of your physical, cloud, and virtual networks.

  • RedSeal creates a complete network model construct by using Layer 2 and 3 configuration data from network devices, retrieved dynamically or offline.
  • Then, RedSeal imports vulnerability assessment data in standard Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) format from your vulnerability managers.

Measure and continuously monitor your security posture.

As it creates your network model, RedSeal’s network visualization uncovers “unknowns” in your constantly morphing network topology.  A continual network security audit discovers dangling links, undocumented network pieces, and unscanned networks. This comprehensive inspection allows RedSeal to report a risk-based network security audit and provides continuous monitoring of your security posture.

You can track how your network resilience is trending over time with this continual network security audit, why it is improving or degrading, and what is causing those changes.

RedSeal isn’t just an audit tool—it’s a comprehensive, continuous monitoring solution for diverse and dynamic networks.

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