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RedSeal helps you manage policies and verify compliance 
RedSeal makes verifying compliance with both external mandates and your organization’s own policies efficient and clear. RedSeal’s platform models and validates access policies and network device configurations. You can continuously verify that your network complies, even as you make changes. You can even model change requests to understand potential issues before going live. Spot issues, like unintended, unwanted, or excessive access, and get the detail you need to remediate.

Meet PCI DSS compliance with efficiency
RedSeal automates significant parts of proving your compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS compliance.) Our automation has helped retail customers be more efficient as they evaluate their networks for exposures, go through an audit, demonstrate PCI compliance, and avoid credit card loss. They’ve been able to re-deploy scarce staff to other tasks.

PCI DSS includes a number of controls that pertain to network architecture, configuration, and operations. RedSeal’s unique ability to model your network, calculate potential access, and prioritize risk is well-suited to meeting many PCI DSS network requirements, especially those related to firewalling, network segmentation, and penetration testing.

Get strong support for NERC CIP standards compliance
RedSeal works with our utilities customers to secure two different types of networks—corporate networks and those that control critical equipment. To minimize potential attack surfaces, you need to separate or segment these two types of networks and set up an electronic security perimeter.

In North America, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) Reliability Standards codify these requirements and include financial penalties for non-compliance. While no one vendor can help you with all the requirements, RedSeal provides strong support in the areas of network architecture, testing, device inventory and simulation.

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