Automate Change Management and Reconcile Your Inventory

Information technologies encompass and incorporate tasks and responsibilities from across the entire organization. Managing these services is an ongoing challenge, and customers expect businesses to be up to the task. Businesses depend on IT Service Management (ITSM) to effectively coordinate countless tasks and processes, while ensuring that they are providing real value to the customer.

As IT environments become more complex—incorporating on-premises and cloud devices as well as remote and mobile users—IT agility and automation becomes paramount.

The Benefits of ITSM

With an integrated, cloud-based ITSM platform, you have the best chance to realize these benefits:

Streamlined service delivery

Reduce costs and complexity and enable consistent service management processes throughout your entire IT organization when you consolidate multiple service desks onto a single, integrated service management platform.

Accelerate your services

Deliver services with speed, consistency, and accuracy using automated service management processes that are configured consistently and support process flows, approvals, and notifications.

Achieve consumer-like experiences

Provide a superior user experience that’s as easy for people to use as their consumer apps and is integrated with your backend service delivery.

Discover, Investigate and Act—RedSeal integrations with ServiceNow

Eliminate Dark Spaces to See Your Complete Inventory

ServiceNow CMDB collects configuration data of known network devices and hosts. However, networks are dynamic and can introduce changes which the CMDB may not be aware of. RedSeal’s unique capabilities include the ability to discover the unknown. When combining RedSeal’s capabilities with that of ServiceNow, users can identify stale network assets—those that have been removed from service, however, are still registered with the CMDB as well as that have not “checked in” with the CMDB due to errors—and unknown areas of the network.

RedSeal enriches ServiceNow inventory data by adding specific information about the network devices. This information includes accurate firmware version, device type and class. It also provides network card interface (NIC) information, such as IP and MAC address, subnet mask VLAN, and description.

Identify Risk to High Value Assets

ServiceNow ITSM/CMDB collects device configuration data and has to rely on manual identification of its location. With RedSeal and ServiceNow, security and network operation teams can automate the location identification. RedSeal
provides accurate inventory information to ServiceNow Service Management module. ServiceNow provides back critical asset information into RedSeal, which in turn identifies risk to these assets—all while the operation is in the ServiceNow Service Management dashboard. This allows security teams to prioritize risk mitigation based on asset and location in the network—not just based on a static CVSS score.

Identify Impact of and Automate Change Management Workflows

Network access changes can take a relatively long time to resolve. Think of the following example: the network team receives a request to create an access path from one location to the other. This could be a request involving a single port.

To complete this change request, it is important to analyze a few things:

  • Is there a physical path between the two segments?
  • Does the path already exist? Maybe for other ports?
  • If the path is blocked, which network devices control the access path?
  • If we enable the access path between the two segments, do we expose any vulnerabilities that were protected before?
  • Do we violate any of our corporate access policies or mandates (such as PCI-DSS) If we enable the path?

How long does it typically take to find answers to the above questions?

Most of us rely on tools such as ping and traceroute. Once we identify the devices in play we must inspect each firewall, router and switch in the path and evaluate what changes need to happen to enable the desired outcome.

RedSeal readily provides you all these answers in just a few clicks. Combined with ServiceNow, network and security teams can now automate the resolution of such change control requests in a matter of minutes rather than days.

RedSeal—ServiceNow Use Cases

  • Determine what you have in your CMDB
  • Understand how your environment is segmented
  • Automate your change management workflow
  • Identify risk with associated with business-critical assets

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