RedSeal Breakout Session

Digital Resilience:
Best Practices to Build Confidence
in the Face of Cyber Attacks

Tuesday, Oct 2nd
1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.

Prevention and detection solutions are vital but not sufficient. When you have a security incident, you need to be able to investigate rapidly and recover – a manually-intensive task, especially across on premise, public, and private cloud environments.

Once an incident is detected, then what?

A digital resilience strategy can accelerate your response times and build confidence within your organization that you can withstand cyber-attacks.

RedSeal and Splunk Enterprise Security help your organization become digitally resilient to cyber events and network interruptions.

Kurt Van Etten, RedSeal’s chief product officer, will answer:

  • What are the foundational elements of a digital resilience strategy?
  • How does network context speed response times and identify containment options?
  • What are the best practices across IR and Risk and Compliance teams?
  • What is the value of and best practices for table top exercises?