Car Hacking: Security Experts Caution Automakers On Greater Need For Cybersecurity And Anti-Hacking Measures

International Business Times | Jul 28, 2015

Steve Hultquist, a cybersecurity expert at RedSeal security analytics company, says another way to boost cybersecurity is by forcing systems to check with a human before performing certain tasks. He compared it to situations where computer users have to give permission to IT specialists to access their computers remotely.

Hardware: A Building Block for IoT Security

EnterpriseTech Systems Edition | Jul 22, 2015

Aircraft technology is among the most sophisticated and expansive designs delivered within a confined space. The potential for mistakes having drastic implications is obvious,” Steve Hultquist, chief evangelist at RedSeal told Enterprise Technology at the time of the airplane hack. “While it seems unimaginable that an inflight entertainment system would connect directly to flight control systems, the complexity of these systems makes the implications of design or implementation errors dramatic and significant.

Traders cash in on soaring cyber stocks

The Hill | Jul 18, 2015

“These days, every ‘glitch’ is a suspected cyberattack,” said Ray Rothrock, a Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist who backs a number of cybersecurity companies. “The cyber stock ups and downs are largely emotional. All the companies are all doing well financially, so it all depends on your speculation.”

Data explosion offers challenges, opportunities to security pros

CSO | Jul 17, 2015

“Lots of mysterious black-box technologies are offered for this,” said Mike Lloyd, CTO at security analytics company RedSeal. They include genetic algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Nine Zoos Nationwide Suffer Point-of-Sale Breaches

eSecurity Planet | Jul 9, 2015

Steve Hultquist, chief evangelist at RedSeal, told eSecurity Planet by email that the SSA breach should serve as a reminder that organizations of every type are under attack. “The traditional defenses against attack are obviously insufficient, given the every-increasing number of breaches,” he said.

Hacking Team hacker identity linked to Gamma International attack

SC Magazine | Jul 7, 2015

Dr. Mike Lloyd, CTO at RedSeal said: “The great majority of breaches track back to basic, well-known issues that are obvious in hindsight, when filtered out from the vast amount of signal on what might go wrong. As an industry, we know a great deal about what to do to make solid defenses, but in practice, we build weak structures filled with gaps.”

Trump Hotels Payment Card System Hacked, Customer Data at Risk

Newsfactor | Jul 2, 2015

“The subtlety and length of the breaches that are publicly disclosed indicate the underlying goals to be moving away from ‘smash and grab’ of credit card number thefts towards more systemic damage, possible by simply waiting for information and continuing to probe for more content,” Steve Hultquist, chief evangelist, RedSeal, a security analytics company, told us.