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Space jam: why the military is prioritising cybersecurity for space

Global Defence Technology | March 1 2021

As military and civilian capabilities increasing rely on space-based assets, Berenice Healey asks space and cybersecurity experts about the potential effects of a cyberattack against them and how to offer protection….

Fragile networks

The focus should not be on the satellites alone but the networks they form, […]

Improving Cloud Security With Segmentation And Automation

Forbes | February 12, 2021

by  Mike Lloyd

As a security professional, I tried for several years to keep IoT devices out of my house. However, my anti-IoT crusade just isn’t working anymore. Why? Because, as I’ve discovered, you really have to go to extreme measures to find non-IoT devices for your home. Whether it’s […]

4 tips for aligning security with business objectives

TechTarget | February 11, 2021

Today’s most effective CISOs develop cybersecurity strategies that fit their organizations’ risk appetites and support business growth. Learn how they do it….

Of course, to successfully align cybersecurity initiatives with business goals, CISOs need buy-in from and access to their CEOs and boards of directors, added Ray Rothrock, executive […]

13 Tech Leaders Share Industries That Can See Big Benefits From ML

Forbes | February 11, 2021

Machine learning, an important subset of artificial intelligence, lets computers learn from data analysis. While ML technology is expected to play a significant role in the future of many business types, it’s poised to have a more significant impact on some industries than others.

Below, 13 members of Forbes Technology Council share […]

12 Ways For Tech Companies Using Consumers’ Data To Earn Their Trust

Forbes | February 8, 2021

In the remote-first era of Covid-19, the potential for and frequency of cyberattacks has increased significantly. With data breaches regularly hitting the headlines, many consumers are wary of giving tech companies access to their personal data.

So how can a tech brand anticipate this and assuage the concerns of consumers […]

Security in a Complex World

Dark Reading | February 3, 2021

By Bryan Barney

In 1999, security technologist Bruce Schneier published “A Plea for Simplicity.” In the blog, he famously wrote, “You can’t secure what you don’t understand” and “the worst enemy of security is complexity.” Schneier explained that analyzing a system’s security becomes more difficult as its complexity […]

2021 Cyber Predictions from Dr. Mike Lloyd, Chief Technology Officer of RedSeal

Solutions Review | February 2, 2021

Today, we present new 2021 Cyber Predictions from Dr. Mike Lloyd, Chief Technology Officer of RedSeal.

It’s hard to conceptualize, but we only just started 2021. Given how much has already occurred, both carrying over from 2020 and fresh challenges, it can prove easy to forget that the year is […]

Cybersecurity Tools Gaining an Edge from AI

AITrends | January 28, 2021

In 2021, more firms will employ AI to battle cyberattacks, trying to gain an edge in a game of one-upmanship with hackers and attackers. A survey of 20 cybersecurity experts recently surveyed by Forbes showed some patterns. 

AI Assistance for Humans May Ease Cybersecurity Skills Challenge  

Mike Lloyd, CTO at RedSeal

The shortage […]

The Pandemic Is a Catalyst for Better Board Discussions About Cybersecurity

NACD Directorship | January/February 2021

By Mike Lloyd and Ray Rothrock

Cybersecurity is a universal challenge because there is an appreciable
part of every modern organization’s business that is digital
and therefore vulnerable to cyberattack. And this really is a war,
albeit with blurred front lines and unclear rules of engagement.