Risk Prioritization: Improving Network Vulnerability Security Management

Staying proactive with vulnerability prioritization is essential for any organization to effectively manage and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Here are some key steps and strategies to help you prioritize vulnerabilities proactively: 

  • Identify assets that have not been scanned by a vulnerability management tracking tool.
  • Identify the network devices and specific access rules preventing scanner access.
  • Prioritize network vulnerabilities for remediation or mitigation based on risk — risk-based vulnerability is calculated in the context of your network, business, and vulnerability management best practices.
  • Visualize all reachable assets for optimal scanner placement.
  • Efficiently triage and plan mitigation of unpatchable vulnerabilities through containment or isolation.

With RedSeal’s platform, add value to each phase of a network vulnerability management program: discovery, assessment, triage, and vulnerability remediation and mitigation.

  • Discover assets: Generate scanner target lists and identify assets that have not been scanned.
  • Perform cyber vulnerability risk assessment: Identify network devices and configuration rules preventing scanner access. Visualize all reachable assets for optimal scanner placement.
  • Triage findings: Perform risk-based vulnerability prioritization based on your network context, taking into account severity, asset value, as well as upstream and downstream access.
  • Remediate and mitigate vulnerability issues: Identify precise access paths and devices to update in order to isolate and contain vulnerable assets that can’t be patched.

RedSeal integrates with industry-leading vulnerability scanners and overlays their input onto your network model. By identifying gaps in your coverage and prioritizing all findings based on accessibility as well as asset value and vulnerability severity, we help to maximize your vulnerability management investment.

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