Analyst Report: Closing Cybersecurity Control Gaps with Network Exposure Analytics

Your investment in cybersecurity tools—ranging from device protection to application security and cloud control—is significant. But do you have true visibility across your network and understand what is at risk?

For exposure management to be effective, it must be paired with robust analytics at the network level. The latest analyst report from Tag Infosphere outlines how Network Exposure Analytics can enhance your existing tools and provide a level of network insight and context that siloed solutions are just not able to deliver. 

 In this report, you will learn: 

  • What network exposure analytics is and what it entails  
  • How network exposure analytics complements existing tools 
  • Key considerations for deploying network exposure analytics solutions 
  • How RedSeal can help organizations minimize internal and external cyber risk through network exposure analytics 

Read the report and connect with us to discover how RedSeal can empower your enterprise network and security operations teams with a digital twin and how they can leverage network exposure analytics to strengthen your hybrid network security posture. 

Download the report today!