Space jam: why the military is prioritising cybersecurity for space

Global Defence Technology | March 1 2021

As military and civilian capabilities increasing rely on space-based assets, Berenice Healey asks space and cybersecurity experts about the potential effects of a cyberattack against them and how to offer protection….

Fragile networks

The focus should not be on the satellites alone but the networks they form, argues RedSeal CTO Dr Mike Lloyd, and protecting them requires humans and computers working together.“All networks share key properties: they are fragile, hard for humans to think about, and prone to lateral movement where an attacker breaches one node then spreads. Defending networks involves understanding networks, and we already struggle with this in terrestrial cyber warfare. It only gets harder as the networks extend off the planet’s surface.

“As the network increases in scale, it gets further and further beyond human comprehension – too many interacting parts, any one of which could be breached by an attacker and used as a foothold for further spread.”