RedSeal CEO: Executives Need “Visualization” to Help Determine Cybersecurity Effectiveness


The past two weeks have been affirming ones for Ray Rothrock and his team at RedSeal.

Just hours after his company shared their findings regarding corporate executives and their cyber naivete – including an alarming statistic showing more than 80 percent of CEOs are confident in their companies’ strategies even as cyber incidents continue to rise – officials from Yahoo announced they discovered a breach that originated three years ago and compromised the data of more than a billion users.

RedSeal Survey: CEOs Remain Confident in Their Companies’ Cybersecurity Measures Despite Increase in Attacks


RedSeal (, a leader in the cybersecurity analytics market, today released the results of a CEO study, which surveyed perceptions of – and confidence in – their cybersecurity posture.

The study found that more than 80 percent of CEOs are very confident in their firm’s cybersecurity strategies, despite the fact that security incidents have surged 66 percent year-over-year since 2009 according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2017 Global State of Information Security Survey.


What Did Yahoo Know? And When Did They Know It?

SC MAGAZINE | December 16, 2016

Yahoo’s billion-user breach calls the company’s security practices into question.

A second massive and “distinct” Yahoo breach – affecting more than one billion users – that was disclosed Wednesday has raised a number of questions, primarily why the internet company didn’t suss out the intrusion earlier, how to mitigate a troubling pattern of attacks, and what this second disclosure might mean for Verizon’s impending acquisition of Yahoo….

…Those companies with greater visibility into their networks better position themselves “to address the concerns of consumers, business partners and shareholders” after an attack, RedSeal CEO and Chairman Ray Rothrock told SC Media. “Digital resilience – the ability to battle the bad guys when they are inside your network, continue your operations staying in business and protect high value assets like customer data – is the new gold standard,” said Rothrock, adding that “digital resilience scores – similar to credit worthiness scores – [could] provide a benchmark and support a cyberstrategy for improvement.”

RedSeal Recognized as Best Cyber Operational Risk Intelligence by GSN Homeland Security Awards Program

Government Security News | Dec 19, 2016

Government Security News announced today that RedSeal has been recognized for Best Cyber Operational Risk Intelligence as part of its 8th annual Homeland Security Awards Program.

Judging in this category is based on a combination of increase in client organization’s security, technological innovation or improvement, filling a recognized government IT security need, and the flexibility of a solution to meet current and future organizational needs.

Survey Roundup: “Naive” CEOs Put Firms at Cyberattack Risk

WALL STREET JOURNAL | December 16, 2016

CEO Disconnect: A survey of 200 chief executives by cybersecurity analytics firm RedSeal and data company 72 Point found 80% of the respondents operate with “cyber naiveté” that exposes their companies as ripe cyberattack targets. So while 80% of the CEOs said they were confident in their company’s cybersecurity strategies, half still prioritized the outdated view of keeping hackers out of their networks compared to 24% who are taking steps to deal with hackers who already have breached their networks.

“CEOs’ confidence reflects a disconnect with the reality of increased cyberattacks and the massive financial losses associated with them,” the survey report concluded. “In addition, their confidence is based on a strategy determined to be insufficient and out of date more than two years ago.”

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Survey: CEOs Lack Metrics, Data on Cybersecurity

CYBERSCOOP | December 13, 2016

More than 8 in 10 American CEOs say they plan to spend more on cybersecurity next year, even though nearly 9 in 10 say they need a better way to measure the effectiveness of what they’re already spending.

The data come from a new survey of 200 U.S. CEOs released Tuesday by RedSeal, the cybersecurity analytics firm.

Yahoo Suffers Major Data Breach Deja Vu


Yahoo on Wednesday revealed that Net bandits stole data associated with 1 billion of its user accounts — one of the largest data breaches in Internet history.

The theft, which occurred in August 2013, is distinct from the theft disclosed earlier this fall, in which 500 million accounts were compromised, Yahoo CISO Bob Lord explained.


Security Central: Quest Diagnostics Suffers Breach, It’s Time to Disengage with “Security Deniers”

THE VAR GUY | December 15, 2016

Our second story takes a look at the roles that the end customer and the service provider play in inadequate cybersecurity. Think back over some of the biggest hacks and security breaches that have occurred over the year. Over and over again, companies big and small across almost every industry inevitably fall victim to a cyber-attack. This begs the obvious question, “How does this keep happening?” Or, in plainer, more blunt terms, who is falling down on the job?

“CEO Cyber-Naivety” Leaves Global Organisations Exposed to Major Cyber Attacks


New research* released today has revealed that CEOs are over confident when it comes to their cybersecurity approach, and are potentially leaving themselves at risk of attack due to outdated and unrealistic strategies. RedSeal, the cybersecurity analytics company, today released the results of a global CEO study. The results – based on the insights of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of 200 global companies- have demonstrated what RedSeal is calling “CEO Cyber-Naivety”, where more than 80 percent of CEOs were very confident in their firm’s cybersecurity strategies, despite the fact that security incidents have surged 66 percent year-on-year since 2009**.

CEO’s Overconfidence in Cybersecurity Could be their Undoing

INFO SECURITY MAGAZINE | 13 December 2016 

CEOs’ overconfidence in their organization’s ability to deflect attacks could be exposing global firms to greater cyber risk, according to new research from RedSeal.

The cybersecurity analytics firm interviewed 200 CEOs of global firms, and found over 80% were very confident in their cybersecurity strategy.

This is despite data breach incidents soaring in 2016. In the US alone there have been nearly 1,000 reported incidents this year, leading to the exposure of 35 million records, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.

In the UK, government figures from May claimed that two-thirds of large firms had been hit with a cyber attack or breach in the past 12 months.