Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Controversial Cybersecurity Bill, Angering Opponents

SIGNAL | Oct 27, 2015

Cybersecurity company RedSeal Incorporated, a U.S. enterprise software company that models network security infrastructure to defend against cyber attacks, criticized the bill because it fails to solve core issues to protect against breaches, and will lead to “the erosion of trust between citizens and business and government,” said CEO Ray Rothrock. “Sharing is essential in a digital war as information is critical to winning. And, the concept of safe harbor is a powerful one, and used broadly in American business. However, in this case, the safe harbor is only between the government and business and does nothing for citizens and customers.” The bill fails to safeguard individuals’ personal information, he added. “As a business owner, under the Senate bill I may seek safe harbor by sharing information with the government, but my customers are still wondering what I’m doing to protect their information.”