RedSeal Cloud Security Solution

RedSeal Cloud Security Solution Ensures Your Critical Cloud Resources Aren’t Exposed to the Internet

A digital transformation is accelerating migration to the cloud, especially as so many people work remotely. Security teams are scrambling to manage security for resources in one, two or more public clouds as well as for resources remaining on premises. Most security tools only work in one of these environments, leaving security teams with common, urgent concerns:

  • What resources do we have across all our public cloud and on-premises environments?
  • Are any of these resources unintentionally exposed to the internet?
  • What access is possible within and between cloud and on premises environments?
  • Do our cloud deployments meet security best practices?
  • How do we validate our cloud network segmentation policies?
  • Are we remediating the riskiest vulnerabilities in the cloud first?

RedSeal’s Cloud Security Solution

RedSeal’s cloud security solution accurately identifies resources exposed to the internet. The cloud solution brings all your network environments—public clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud), private clouds, and on premises—into one comprehensive, dynamic visualization so that you can:

  • Interpret access controls across cloud-native and third-party virtual firewalls (service chaining).
  • Continuously validate and ensure security compliance with your network segmentation policies and regulations.
RedSeal provides a solution to help bring greater visibility into Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments so that users can make informed decisions that reduce security risks through compliance assessment reports.
The integration of Microsoft Azure with RedSeal’s platform provides your team much needed visibility and context for prioritizing Azure vulnerabilities, accelerating incident investigation, managing compliance, and improving the overall resilience of your infrastructure.
RedSeal cloud security solution software integrates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services to visualize and simplify manageability of your network security framework
RedSeal includes Google Cloud Platform in its support for hybrid, multi-cloud networks. You’ll be able to see what’s on your network and how it’s set up within your Google Cloud Platform, and across it to other cloud or legacy environments.



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Learn how RedSeal can help you quickly locate critical resources with unintended access plus:

  • Identify empty VPCs/VNETs/VCNs without instances/subnets
  • Help achieve multi-cloud and regional cloud compliance to both external/internal standards
  • Address vulnerabilities in the cloud prioritized by access

Hundreds of organizations around the world have chosen RedSeal as their solution for cybersecurity in their journey to the cloud

To understand your full network, you need to include private and public cloud assets, along with your physical assets. RedSeal’s security integration includes all parts of your hybrid data center in one dynamic visualization.

RedSeal has helped customers identify issues in their cloud environments for immediate remediation, including:

  • Cloud resource inventory. A healthcare customer expected “a few VPCs” in their cloud environment. RedSeal found more than a hundred. RedSeal helped the customer re-architect their cloud network to align with their cloud service provider’s best practices and reduce their risk exposure.
  • Exposed cloud resources. RedSeal was able to identify cloud resources at a financial institution that were not protected by a firewall as the customer expected, but were fully exposed to the internet.
  • Shadow IT. RedSeal discovered that a technology company’s business unit was using cloud resources that didn’t comply with security mandates.
  • VPC/VNET without subnets or subnets without instances. RedSeal showed a manufacturing customer that it had hundreds of empty VPC/VNET subnets and subnets without instances in their cloud environment. These still had their default configurations, which malicious actors could have exploited.
  • Validating PCI-DSS compliance. After an extensive cloud migration, RedSeal helped a health care provider validate that their cardholder data was segregated, protected and ready for audit.

RedSeal Professional Services

RedSeal’s Professional Services Team is available to help your organization with an initial cloud visibility assessment or offer fully managed services to continuously monitor your cloud deployment.

The remote RedSeal Cloud—Cyber Visibility Assessment is recommended for organizations that need a snapshot of the interconnectivity in a cloud environment and/or to assess the accuracy of their cloud inventory. You’ll get a baseline understanding of what you need to do to drive your cyber visibility, compliance, and risk vulnerability efforts forward.

For more information on how RedSeal can help with your cloud security, request a demo.

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