RedSeal Cloud Security Solution Ensures Your Critical Cloud Resources Aren’t Exposed to the Internet

As organizations adopt more cloud services, security teams increasingly struggle to maintain a secure, compliant infrastructure while not hindering business productivity. Understanding and establishing an effective security posture across different clouds, combined with a myriad of on-premises resource, is challenging due to disparate management tools from various vendors. Common questions include:

  • What critical cloud resources are most vulnerable to threats?
  • How do we validate our cloud network segmentation policies?
  • Do we meet cloud security best practices and comply with industry regulations?

RedSeal’s Cloud Security Solution

The RedSeal Cloud solution is an innovative Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution that delivers comprehensive security across your multi-cloud environment. The solution accurately discovers resources within AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud environments and checks for inadvertent exposure to the internet – using a single, extensive, intuitive user interface. RedSeal empowers your security teams with unparalleled visibility and relevant context to help you “know what you need to know” about your multi-cloud or hybrid environment to best protect your infrastructure and accelerate risk remediation. The end result is that you can establish, monitor and maintain compliance with minimal effort.

With RedSeal Cloud, you can:

  • Visualize and establish an accurate cloud resource inventory
  • Mitigate risk from unintended exposure and attack paths
  • Identify shadow IT and unintended connectivity in your clouds
  • Continuously validate and ensure compliance with regulations and best practices.
  • Discover “what you don’t know” based upon data provided by your cloud resources.
RedSeal provides a solution to help bring greater visibility into Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments so that users can make informed decisions that reduce security risks through compliance assessment reports.
The integration of Microsoft Azure with RedSeal’s platform provides your team much needed visibility and context for prioritizing Azure vulnerabilities, accelerating incident investigation, managing compliance, and improving the overall resilience of your infrastructure.
RedSeal cloud security solution software integrates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services to visualize and simplify manageability of your network security framework
RedSeal includes Google Cloud Platform in its support for hybrid, multi-cloud networks. You’ll be able to see what’s on your network and how it’s set up within your Google Cloud Platform, and across it to other cloud or legacy environments.



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Learn how RedSeal can help you quickly locate critical resources with unintended access plus:

  • Identify empty VPCs/VNETs/VCNs without instances/subnets
  • Help achieve multi-cloud and regional cloud compliance to both external/internal standards
  • Address vulnerabilities in the cloud prioritized by access

Hundreds of organizations around the world have chosen RedSeal as their solution for cybersecurity in their journey to the cloud

To understand your full network, you need to include private and public cloud assets, along with your physical assets. RedSeal’s security integration includes all parts of your hybrid data center in one dynamic visualization.