RedSeal and Rapid7

Add Network Context To Vulnerability Prioritization

Network vulnerability assessments often overwhelm organizations with too many “high” and “critical” results. Compounding this problem is the sheer number of new vulnerabilities that surface each year and the large number of assets that need patching. Add to this the fact that many organizations are still running legacy systems whose vulnerabilities do not have patches. And finally, it is not easy to know whether all network devices were actually scanned.


RedSeal and Rapid7 have teamed up to add network context to InsightVM’s vulnerability prioritization. RedSeal looks at three factors to refine:

InsightVM’s initial prioritization:

First, it determines if a vulnerable host can be exploited from an untrusted network. Second, it determines if the vulnerable host can reach and potentially exploit downstream assets. And, third, it factors in the criticality of the assets in question. If access is permitted and assets are of high value, the priority increases. On the other hand, if layered defenses are preventing access and the hosts are not high value, the priority is reduced.

RedSeal prioritizes vulnerable hosts based on access to untrusted networks and the potential to infect other assets:


RedSeal can determine if all assets have been scanned by InsightVM. It is not uncommon for InsightVM to be denied access by a firewall, access control list (ACL) or other device. RedSeal can query its model and see all the access paths available to InsightVM. If a network segment has not been scanned, RedSeal will show you the unscanned subnet and the firewall rule or ACL that prevented the scan.


RedSeal can also help when there are no patches available for a legacy system.

RedSeal will identify a firewall, router, switch or other device that can be configured to prevent access to the vulnerable device.

Together RedSeal and Rapid7 to identify gap in vulnerability scan coverage with vulnerability security management software.


Mitigate critical threats with targeted patching

Patch vulnerabilities that can be exploited from untrusted networks first

Prioritize hosts that can infect critical downstream assets

Discover gaps in scan coverage

Contain vulnerabilities that don’t have patches


RedSeal 8.3

Rapid7 Nexpose 6.4.x