Actionable Security Insights from RedSeal in Splunk

Protect Your Environment By Proactively Monitoring Your Security Controls

RedSeal helps you continuously monitor your compliance, and we’ve partnered with Splunk to leverage their best-in-class dashboard capabilities.

RedSeal provides visibility into your on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud environment; compliance; and highest risk vulnerabilities in your network. Omni stores this information in Splunk so that you can monitor progress of your remediation efforts and show your stakeholders how the security posture improved over time, and where it needs to focus more attention.


RedSeal Omni provides in-depth accountability and audit information of your RedSeal system. Systems are constantly being audited, and RedSeal Omni provides ample evidence of work that has been completed and properly documented.

RedSeal Omni keeps track of what changes are made to the system, and who made them, to quickly identify unauthorized, or accidental changes. During an audit, the ability to go back and see on a given date range or specific day can be invaluable.


As you work to improve your security posture, you can monitor your success with RedSeal and Splunk through custom views by role that shows relevant trend data.

RedSeal Omni offers a categorized and streamlined view for each of your cyber teams to get the data they need fast, offering features for everyone on your team. Executives, incident responders, network operations/engineers, risk, vulnerability teams, and RedSeal administrators all receive value in an easy-to read, out-of-the-box graphical format.


RedSeal Omni frees up time, resources, and provides actionable tasks in an interactive dashboard. Contact your account representative for demo to discuss how RedSeal Omni can improve your security posture.

Please contact your RedSeal account representative to get access to the latest version of RedSeal Omni.


RedSeal Omni is the new Splunk application developed by RedSeal. RedSeal Omni allows your organization to take advantage of RedSeal’s powerful analytics and combine them with Splunk’s ability to drive outcomes across Security, IT, and DevOps. Combining these technologies saves valuable time for incident investigation, risk management, vulnerability prioritization, and network operations by automating checks, reporting on the risk, and giving your teams information they can immediately act on to improve the security of your organization and reduce risk to a tolerable level.