Video: Accelerating Incident Response with RedSeal and Splunk Adaptive Response

Breach detection and response continues to challenge network and security teams. Many organizations now use Splunk Enterprise and other SIEM solutions to detect anomalies and outliers that may be advanced threats. RedSeal’s as-built network model shows access paths to critical assets prioritized with detailed path information. RedSeal provides this within the Splunk Adaptive Response framework, helping you determine the best action to take to accelerate your incident response.

Join RedSeal Senior Director of Product Management Eswari Sure and Splunk Global Strategic Alliances Manager Meera Shankar and learn how your incident response can be more effective with RedSeal and Splunk. Topics include:

  • Improve productivity by prioritizing remediation decisions
  • Add network situational risk awareness to Indicator of Compromise (IOC) data
  • The top 5 questions to ask about every incident – and how you can get the answers quickly