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Compliance Test Drive

Using RedSeal’s industry-based best practice checks, find misconfigured network devices that are less secure – with weak or default passwords, unsecure protocols and more.

See how RedSeal helps you stay in compliance with standards such as DISA STIG/SRG checks and CIS Benchmarks.

Incident Investigation Test Drive

From an indicator of compromise, discover how RedSeal shows you what it is, where it is, where an attacker could go, and options for containment.

When management learns about new malware and asks if your network is susceptible, use endpoint data in RedSeal to provide an initial yes or no.

Next, see how RedSeal enhances that data with detail where it is and where the malware can go.

Vulnerability Management Test Drive

After you get an alert about a new vulnerability, see how RedSeal analyzes the risk to your network and helps you prioritize which devices to patch first.

Change Management Test Drive

Before you make changes to open ports or protocols, discover how RedSeal analyzes the risk a change would introduce into your network.

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