RedSeal Fundamentals Instructor-Led Training

Train to get the greatest benefit from RedSeal.

RedSeal training is a thorough hands-on experience, so you can rapidly maximize your proficiency with – and investment in – RedSeal’s platform. Our Fundamentals training provides an overview of the platform’s capabilities as well as opportunities to dig into specific areas.

This two-day RedSeal instructor-led training course is ideal for someone in the RedSeal administrator function and is appropriate for both those who are new to RedSeal and those who have some experience using it. The course provides experience with all major functions of the RedSeal platform, including incident containment. The combination of customer stories, technical presentation and hands-on labs gives you the opportunity to explore the platform’s breadth and depth; helps you clarify priorities for using RedSeal; and provides the necessary underpinnings for advanced RedSeal use.

Certification Exams

After successfully completing the RedSeal Fundamentals course, you’ll be able to take an online certification exam consisting of 35 questions. You can be certified by scoring at least 80%.

Attending RedSeal Fundamentals Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training on the RedSeal platform is available in two ways:

1. Private On-Site training can be purchased through your RedSeal sales representative. This includes training for up to 10 people from your company at a site of your choosing (either your company’s facilities or an off-site venue).

2. Public Training sessions are held quarterly — these sessions include participants from multiple organizations.  Participants must arrange their own travel and lodging.

RedSeal Web-Based Training

This self-paced training consists of multiple modules to address different uses for the RedSeal platform. You can review the modules at any time and in any order.

Whatever your role is, you will find relevant information designed to build your knowledge of RedSeal capabilities.

The training includes guided, short product demonstrations by two RedSeal experts – Mark Townsend, our VP of consulting engineering and professional services and Sean Finn, our global solutions architect.

Each module concludes with questions designed to test your knowledge of the covered concepts.

Specifically, the content is designed to:

  • Give you a brief overview of RedSeal and our platform architecture.
  • Delve into the fundamentals necessary for a RedSeal administrator.
  • Examine our vulnerability management capabilities.
  • Provide risk and compliance teams and executives with the information that they need to monitor overall network security and measure digital resilience.

Our future content will:

  • Provide basics for those of you in network operations and network security roles.
  • Review the key platform functionality for incident response.
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