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Train to get the greatest benefit from RedSeal.

Frequently, customers understand just part of RedSeal’s capabilities and don’t get full value from it. RedSeal training is a thorough hands-on experience, so you can rapidly maximize your use of RedSeal. It also provides opportunities to dig into specific areas of RedSeal capabilities to give you the expertise you need to solve complex challenges.

RedSeal Fundamentals

This initial two-day RedSeal training course is for both those who are new to RedSeal and those who have some experience using it. It provides experience with all major functions of the RedSeal platform, including device configuration examination, network analytics, security and risk analysis, and Layer 2 with incident response.  Using a combination of customer stories, technical presentations, and hands-on labs, the course provides you with the opportunity to explore the breadth and depth available from the platform, helps clarify priorities for your organization’s use of RedSeal, and provides the necessary underpinnings for advanced RedSeal use.

Certification Exams

After successfully completing the RedSeal Fundamentals course, you can be certified by scoring at least 80% on the RedSeal Fundamentals certification exam.