RedSeal and network incident response

Accelerate your network incident response, investigation and containment with a RedSeal model.

At the same time you must do what you can to detect and prevent network security incidents, you need to respond quickly to network attacks that do get through, quickly investigating and containing security incidents to minimize (or prevent) loss.

Although SIEMs reduce a large volume of data, they still generate more indicators of compromise (IoC) than your team can quickly investigate.  That follows when just locating a compromised device – physically or logically — can be a time-consuming, manual task.

RedSeal’s model of your network provides detailed options.

A RedSeal model of your network – across on-premise, cloud and virtual environments — gives you the map you need to quickly locate a compromised device. You’ll be able to determine which assets bad actors can reach from there – and how to stop them. Since RedSeal’s model includes all possible access paths, you’ll see specific paths the network attacker could take to valuable assets. And, you’ll get specific containment options so you can decide what action to take, from increasing monitoring, to placing honey pots, to changing firewall rules, to simply unplugging the device.

Accelerated security incident response.

Security incident response that used to take hours, if not days, to determine becomes available immediately.

Video: RedSeal Accelerates Incident Response

See how RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform can accelerate your network incident response time at every stage of the process. (2:52)

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