Tales from the Trenches: My network hasn’t changed!

Since 2004, RedSeal has been instrumental in empowering our clients to comprehensively visualize and fortify their intricate networks. While our customers initially grasped the importance of understanding their network architecture, connections, and identifying potential risks, there’s often an enlightening “aha” moment when the true significance becomes unmistakable. These narratives, cherished within the confines of RedSeal, vividly exemplify the practical value of our platform beyond mere theory. In the words of our dedicated field team, who collaborates directly with our clients, this blog series aims to unveil the instances where the theoretical transforms into tangible reality.

Today’s post is brought to you by John Bays, Senior Security Solutions Consultant, Federal


Imagine navigating the landscape of a government entity, where a dedicated administrator went about their daily routine, firmly believing that a single login to the server was all it took to keep things ticking. Little did they know, a significant issue had quietly brewed beneath the surface – the network had remained unchanged for a considerable six-month stretch.

Approaching the situation with curiosity, I gently posed some questions.

  • How might they have overlooked the network’s lack of growth?
  • What led them to believe that everything was running smoothly without addressing potential issues?

This unfolding scenario morphed into a journey of understanding, aiming to uncover misconceptions and illuminate the broader responsibilities at hand.

Misunderstanding a role’s responsibility happens. At RedSeal, we know this and help ensure misunderstandings are laid to rest. Taking a supportive approach, I guided them through various aspects of the platform, emphasizing the value of active involvement. As the pieces fell into place, a realization dawned on this client – our exploration revealed numerous devices being added and removed from the network. This revelation painted a richer picture, demonstrating that their role was more intricate than they had initially perceived.

This experience turned out to be a valuable lesson for all involved, highlighting the importance of staying engaged and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the network environment. It wasn’t about fault-finding; rather, it underscored the need for continuous learning and awareness in the evolving tech landscape. After all, even the most dedicated administrators can benefit from a broader perspective on their responsibilities.

At RedSeal, we’re committed to helping you fortify your digital infrastructure, for good. We proactively help visualize your network, identify attack paths, prioritize risk, and help you stay in compliance to ensure your business and customers stay secure.

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