New DISA Program Assesses Operational Risk

SIGNAL Magazine | May 22, 2017

By  J. Wayne Lloyd, RedSeal Federal CTO

As the Defense Information Services Agency (DISA) knows, a network that complies with standards is not necessarily secure. DISA’s new evaluation program, the Command Cyber Operational Readiness Inspection (CCORI), is designed to go beyond standards. Its goal is to provide site commanders and federal agencies an understanding of mission operational risks.

RedSeal CEO Joins Cheddar TV’s “Closing Bell” to Talk Resilience, WannaCry

Cheddar | May 18, 2017


RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock joined Cheddar TV’s “Closing Bell” show, where he spoke about resilience, WannaCry and more. Ray’s segment starts at the 1:04:05 mark of the video.

“Prevention has been the strategy of the last 25, 30 years in cybersecurity…You’ve got to have prevention but you need more than that now. Attacks are inside the network – not at the firewall anymore – they are inside. And being inside means you need to know what’s going on inside. You’ve got to know what the network looks like.”

Security vs. Resilience: Know the Difference

TechBeacon | May 5, 2017

By Ray Rothrock, RedSeal Chief Executive Officer

If you really want to know the difference between security and resilience, pour yourself a cup of strong coffee and dig into the all-but-impenetrable PPD-21, Presidential Policy Directive—Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience. Or just go to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) website, which cuts to the chase with a few good examples of each…

Scan these two lists, and you come to an inescapable conclusion: Security and resilience are not synonyms or even second cousins. In fact, security and resilience have remarkably little to do with one another. The measures under the “security” list are about locking up. Those under “resilience” are about standing up. Security is about hunkering down. Resilience is about doing business.

7 Habits of a Resilient Business

Computer Business Review | May 4, 2017

By Ray Rothrock, RedSeal Chief Executive Officer

Here’s the reality: Bad things will happen, and your precautions and defenses will not stop every bad thing. However, this doesn’t mean there’s no hope. It’s quite the opposite, because you have a choice: you can either wish for the best, or decide to be – what the industry is calling: digitally resilient. There is no third alternative. If you choose to face reality and pursue resilience, you need to acquire, cultivate, and hone the seven habits that follow.