After pipeline attack, former DHS cyber leader says ‘stop with the half measures’; security pros urge action in infrastructure bill

Inside Cybersecurity | May 11, 2021

“The President’s new infrastructure plan must incorporate cybersecurity or the new ports, electrical grids and rail systems it proposes will become a bonanza for hackers looking to exploit supply chains along with critical infrastructure,” said Wayne Lloyd, CTO of Federal at RedSeal.

“We live in a digitized world, and the facilities that would be constructed will add to the complexity of the critical infrastructure networks and further expose unintended access points,” Lloyd said. “These networks are increasingly exceeding the ability of humans to fully account for, making it essential that the White House secures the infrastructure by mandating compliance with existing NIST frameworks for the IT & OT systems and funding for technologies that can help automate and monitor the state of compliance for things such as network segmentation, or we’re going to experience another breach on the scale of SolarWinds.”