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Tales from the Trenches: Network Backdoors — Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…

Today’s tale from the trench is brought to you by Brad Schwab, Senior Security Solutions Consultant.

One of the greatest concerns for professionals in Network and Security Operations is the potential existence of a backdoor in their network—let alone the presence of numerous backdoors! Identifying backdoors can be a daunting challenge, as they might exist […]

Tales from the Trenches: Vol 8 — Is that what you are going to say to the Auditor?

One of the biggest elephant in the room questions for Security Operations groups that deal with Vulnerability Scanners is very simple to state, but very, very tricky to answer, “are you sure you are scanning the entire network?” Sounds like it should be a simple yes or no answer. However, with any network of scale, the answer can be almost impossible to verify.

I was in a high level meeting for a large Health Organization with the CTO, head of Network Operations (NetOps), the head of Security Operations (SecOps), along with other people that had different stakes in the performance and security of the network. Since the network was the main instrument supporting the “Money Engine” of the operation, all attendees were laser focused on answers to any questions.

Tales from the Trenches: Vol 3 — Security Operations and Network Operations are always at odds. Or are they?

Security Operations and Network Operations could easily be at odds – one is the brakes, the other the throttle. So, yes, they usually are at odds. Everything one wants can easily create work for the other, resulting in a back-and-forth pendulum of requests. RedSeal is in the unique position to work with both SecOps and NetOps and help both realize their Operational Goals and allow visibility into outcomes beforehand so that situations like the above don’t happen. This creates a positive working relationship between the teams.