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Protecting PHI, Challenges and Solutions for Healthcare

What is data worth? On the surface, it is just a bunch of 1s and 0s on a hard drive. Most users don’t think about or even fully understand data. Their cell phones work, email is at their fingertips, and a friend is just a video chat away. But, enormous companies are built using […]

Advice from Hackers at Black Hat

At the recent Black Hat USA conference, CIO asked 250 self-identified hackers for their opinion on security solutions. The answers are a good indicator for what works to protect your organization. Of all the technologies out there, the responders identified multi-factor authentication and high-level encryption as the two that are hardest to get past […]

Accelerate Incident Response and Investigations

Knowing which hosts are involved in a security incident is critical information for anyone who is an incident handler. The quicker the attackers and their targets can be identified the quicker the incident can be stopped. Collecting this information from a plethora of systems and log sources can be difficult and time consuming. Compounding […]