CDM Experts: Data Collection, Classification, Analysis Are Keys

Recently, RedSeal Federal CTO Wayne Lloyd was asked to participate in a panel organized by Meritalk on the federal government’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program.

Wayne was joined by CDM experts from Veritas and Splunk. All offered candid assessments of the importance of data classification and collection as the CDM program moves to incorporate a more robust integrated system of dashboards.

Wayne said it was important for organizations to thoroughly understand what their data environments look like. Once they do, data classification becomes easier.

“At RedSeal we help customers model their networks so they can understand what IP space they have and where the data may be residing,” he said. But all of these deployments reveal that the organization “doesn’t know their entire network,” he added.

On the subject of data classification and protection, David Bailey, senior director of U.S. public sector technical sales at Veritas said, “Mission critical data containing patient information for a hospital or the VA should be in tiered storage with the best, maybe multiple, forms of protection, with lots of role-based access controls.” He added that sometimes understanding what data needs to be protected the most is the most important priority.

Adilson Jardim, area vice president for public sector sales engineering at Splunk, said there should be an emphasis on the “continuous” part of CDM, and that it shouldn’t “be a program that ends in five years.”

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 — Lauren Stauffer, Sr. Director, Market Development