See Your As-Built Network with RedSeal

Visualize your actual network.

RedSeal’s model presents an accurate, up-to-date map of your network as it really is – including your public and private cloud, and your physical assets. With our network visualization, you can organize and group your network devices on RedSeal to reflect the way your business operates.

Visualize end-to-end access and detailed access paths.

RedSeal calculates all access – intended, not intended, active and potential – between any two points on your network. With this network visualization, you can see all the individual devices between one point and another, and pinpoint the exact rules you need to change to affect access on each device.

Visualize hidden areas of the network.

RedSeal’s analysis of configuration files also provides insights into previously hidden areas of your network. With this network visibility, you’ll be able to maintain a complete inventory of your network assets and understand how they can be accessed.

On-Demand Webinars

Operationalizing RedSeal for Vulnerability Management

Learn how to identify and resolve gaps in vulnerability scanner coverage across your relevant assets, prioritize vulnerability findings for remediation or mitigation based on risk, and identify actionable steps to mitigate unpatched vulnerabilities.

Security Metrics That Matter

Discover how certain security metrics drive toward digital resilience, why it’s important to measure performance impact, and how to read your Digital Resilience Score.

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Adding Network Intelligence to Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is crucial to network security. As part of a defense-in-depth security strategy, the best approach is proactive: Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses before security issues arise.

Continuous Diagnostics with RedSeal

The continuous stream of high profile cybersecurity breaches demonstrates the need to move beyond purely periodic, compliance-based approaches to IT security.