DISA STIG and SRG Compliance

Make audits routine: DISA STIG and SRG compliance and reporting

What is DISA STIG? DISA stands for Defense Information Systems Agency and they provide IT support to those working for the DoD which includes Security Technical Implementation Guides, or STIGs. There are three DISA STIG compliance levels. The categories indicate the level of risk for failing to address a vulnerability.

RedSeal offers a product extension for validating compliance with DISA STIGs and Security Requirements Guides (SRGs). This extension includes support for the DISA-defined STIG and SRG categories most relevant to networking. New and updated DISA STIGs will be included as they are released.

These network-relevant STIGs and SRGs are incorporated within RedSeal’s existing automatic checks. You can set RedSeal to alert you if or when any network device is not in compliance DISA standards. RedSeal provides detailed remediation guidance for each non- compliant device, including the precise configuration file line you need to change for DISA STIG compliance.

With automatic DISA STIGs compliance checks and the remediation guidance RedSeal provides, you can keep your network in compliance and make audits routine.

To learn more, download our Automatically Validate STIG and SRG Compliance datasheet.

STIG and SRG Compliance and Reporting