Finding Internet-facing Vulnerabilities: RedSeal Perspective on The Five Eyes Advisory

Today, the international cybersecurity consortium known as The Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US) published a joint Cybersecurity Advisory. It’s a scary read, on several fronts. It details the top 12 vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited, in current breaches. The advisory doesn’t detail the breaches, because a lot of that data is not public, but we can safely assume that these organizations are trying to offer a wake-up call about what they are seeing in the real world.

One shocking aspect of the advisory is the vulnerabilities are quite old – the top spot is taken by a vulnerability that was disclosed in 2018! The lingering question is how can antiquated vulnerabilities still pose a threat? The answer lies in the struggles faced by organizations in locating and effectively patching patch their Internet facing equipment.

This is why RedSeal builds a digital twin of your network, then shows you where you have blind spots, defensive gaps, and (most relevant to this advisory) uncover exactly what you have that is exposed to the Internet.

The Five Eyes Advisory is an important reminder that vulnerabilities exist in our Internet-facing systems. RedSeal is a trusted partner to 75 federal agencies, 6 arms of the military, and 100s of F1000 organizations, helping identify and address vulnerabilities; securing networks against the growing complexity and frequency of threats.

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